‘Frank the Tank’ vs ‘the Hulk’ @ SlapFIGHT Championship


An epic battle between two big hitters, “Frank the Tank” and “the Hulk”, both Missouri natives.

The Hulk, weighs in at 300lbs (160kg), at a height of 6ft 3" (190.5cm).

Frank the Tank, a fan favorite and a veteran of 18 slap fights, comes in at 265lbs (120kg), at a height of 5ft 10" (178cm).

Frank the Tank is the first to slap, and boy does he Rock the Hulk, as he collapses onto the barrel.

After taking his time to recover, the Hulk steps back to the barrel and delivers a less than impressive blow on Frank the Tank. No doubt the Hulk was still stunned from the big slap from Frank.

After a near repeat of round 2, the Hulk miraculously scores points as the rounds progress. The Hulk gracefully absorbs more large slaps from Frank, while starting to stun Frank by delivering powerful slaps.

After 10 brutal rounds, some with violations for stepping and flinching, the final blow of the match is delivered by the Hulk, almost knocking Frank to his feet.

To fight goes to the judges and… the Hulk has it.

Two Titans of Slap Collide in this Main Event Fight from SlapFIGHT 20! ‘Frank the Tank’ battles ‘the Hulk’ at the Barrel in a Super Heavyweight Showdown.

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