New to slap fight

New to slap fight and my husband and I have watched just about every fight we can on you tube. And love it!!!


Awesome. Welcome to the Slap Fighting community.

Which have been your favorite slap fights so far?

I have been following from the start walferine vs rocky amazing. Walferine is just on point very good style.
The hulk now that’s a man I want to see complete some more

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I have a lot of respect for the competitors.
I have trained in many disaplins in the last 14 years I would like to have a go a have a iron jaw so next chanlange. I am completely aware that I might get knocked out first slap. But I will come in with complete respect

But if I can get a spot I am coming to win!!!

Same!!! We saw the one that Dana White did on TBS, now we are watching everything else. It is SOOO addicting!!

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