Power Slap Rescheduled / Postponed / Cancelled?

The Power Slap debut on US television was slated for January 11th on TBS.

Following the incident involving Dana White slapping his wife at a nightclub in Mexico, Power Slap was pulled from the TBS schedule for Jan 11th.

But then, it was re-added to the TBS schedule for January 18th at 10PM (one week later).

The event is still currently listed on the TBS schedule for Jan 18th as “Power Slap: Road To The Title - S1|E1: Episode 1”.

However, some of the people with whom I’ve spoken tell me that it may get pulled again - either permanently or for a much longer postponement.

I guess we’ll just have to see what happens.

What a dope!


We watched it last night. First ever really knowing about the sport- completely addicted. One person’s personal issues should not reflect on the participants of the sport or effect it. Now I have been combing the youtube videos .

Totally agree with you. We were so glad to see it go ahead and felt that cancellation of Power Slap would have been silly. But we do live in an age where everybody is hyper-sensitive to everything, and some of the comments we heard was that it was a possibility of cancellation, especially after it being postponed for a week.

I’m glad we were wrong and that things are going head.

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